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Some of the features of the Project Indian Bravehearts are as under:

(a) Provision of Jobs and Rehabilitation: It is a sorry state of affairs that these disciplined and specially trained men have to retire at a young age as the armed forces are compelled to maintain a youthful profile due to their nature of operations (professional hazards, some might say) and the problem is further compounded as most have to retire early due to lack of promotional avenues/lateral absorption inspite of people being qualified. The Corporates and Business houses need to identify their potential and gainfully tap this highly disciplined and trained human resource. Employment of war widows/veer naaris too needs to be considered on humanitarian grounds.

(b) Balidan Privilege Cards: A little pampering, a small privilege, some discounts or offers by retailers and service providers to make them feel special for all the sacrifices (balidan) they have done (those not so lucky may have left behind families to fend for themselves) may not be out-of-place. We seek your assistance and cooperation in providing such facilities/privileges to these brave men, battle casualties and handicapped veterans, and widows.

(c) Get Involved: Lofty ideals, the human touch, philanthropic nature, positive outlook, valued principles, CSR projects by Corporates, MNCs and Govt PSUs are great attributes and procedures, and these energies and systems need to be channelized suitably to support the aging veterans, battle wounded soldiers, frail war widows, orphans and handicapped children, looking upto the Society for their basic needs. Certain support systems like oldage-homes/orphanages, distribution system for medical aids/equipments, financial aid/scholarships/adoption, sponsorships of events, free vocational training etc could be considered.

(d) Fund Raising/Donations: Sale of memorabilia, accessories, utility equipment, stationary items, season’s greeting cards, diaries etc as fund raising activities are being planned. Bulk demands for presentation, distribution as well as bulk sale through in-house stores like canteen or tuck shops are welcome. Donations, contributions, charity however small are always welcome. Details of beneficiaries and photographic proof will be sent to contributors. Tie-ups, sponsorships, revenue generation, fund raising activities, etc are welcome from fellow Bravehearts.

(e) Welfare: A ‘single window concept’ of providing multiple features/facilities in one portal and also making them user friendly for convenience of all categories of Indian Bravehearts has been incorporated. Besides the above features some of the other important provisions are:

(i) Dissemination of Information: By providing a page with active links to various schemes, important notices and policies etc will negate the requirement of visiting different Govt and organizational websites. For important announcements and notices about get-togethers, certain new schemes, contacting a select group (like Georgians, Rimcolians etc) etc, a News/Events Window with scrolling information is being provided for free listing by users.

(ii) Networking and Business Development: A Resource/Business Directory for the SMEs, entrepreneur and NGO activities being run by successful Bravehearts has been created for free listing for the purpose of forming mutually beneficial/symbiotic arrangements, networking for business enhancement as well as seeking partners and employees amongst the fraternity. Business enhancement will also result from the positive perception by the society about the owners of these businesses; thus a platform has been created on this portal to display their products and services. It is also proposed to form an elite ‘Comrade-in-Arms Club’ of top notch Indian Bravehearts and organize periodic gatherings at important towns and cantonments thereby providing a platform for networking, tie-ups, bonding, forming matrimonial alliances, exchanging ideas, discuss welfare projects, meeting people from the fraternity or just having some fun/reminiscence of the good old days!

(iii) Buddy Tracking: Finding long-lost friends/buddies is now possible through our search engine, provided they have either registered as job/service seekers or are listed in the Resource Directory. So please ask your friends to register immediately or forward the ‘Refer A Friend’ mailer to them. It is also mandatory to register for obtaining the ‘Balidan Privilege Card’.


(f) Banners and Advertisements: We look forward to all Ministries, Govt organizations, parent organizations, all business entities and media industry who may be associated with welfare and humanitarian activities with this category of personnel to support us by display of Banners on this site as well as on their website and also display/placement of requisite advertisements thus enhancing our reach to every nook and corner of the Country.


For any query or clarity on any of the above issues please do get back to us at the earliest.





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